Welcome! This is my personal account of our family’s journey to take control of our finances and live our best life. I have been following Personal Finance Blogs for almost 4 years now, so I would say I am well versed in the Debt Free journeys of many people out there. For 4 years, during my lunch breaks, on the way to my second job, and most weekends, I would read countless stories of families struggling and hustling to pay off mountains of debt. I have been absolutely amazed by some of the debt totals and how quickly people have been able to pay them off.

Blogs that have provided me with the most inspiration include:

Jessi Fearon

Six Figures Under

Clever Girl Finance

Dear Debt

All the while, I would update my own budget worksheets and just glance at the total. I have always known my debt was massive – but it wasn’t until I said the number – out loud – that I really felt the weight of my situation.


man debt.png

Don’t ask me what I have been waiting for because I really couldn’t tell you. So many people have already confirmed for me that there is no magic bullet to paying off debt, no magic unicorn. If there is one thing that I have heard over and over again, it is that the only way to get rid of the debt is to work hard and make a plan . . . sigh!

This Fall, both of my teenagers will be attending college. it saddens me to think of the time I have wasted not committing to a debt payoff plan. All the dreams left unfulfilled. I had always talked of not letting my children graduate from college with student loan debt, but the reality is that I am in no position to prevent that now, as I am still paying my own student loans.

I am finally ready to put one foot in front of the other, and step off the debt train. I am finally ready to stop hiding behind other people’s successes (and failures) and live in my own truth. Even though my oldest daughter already has a sizeable student loan for this year, I may still be able to change our financial path. But if I don’t make serious changes, right now, her future will be tainted with the same stench of unsurmountable debt that I carry with me every day.

So here it is Day 1 for me and my teens.